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Replacement for:
Toshiba Battery
Battery TOSHIBA PA3788U-1BRS - Satellite Pro S750 K40 K45 Tecra A11 5200mAh
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TOSHIBA PA3788U-1BRS -  Satellite Pro S750 K40 K45 Tecra A11
Product ID 3021
Further information
For all articles, where it is not otherwise specified, they are not original accessories, but third-party article. All listed companies, brand names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners and are used only for unique identification.
100% compatible with the original battery.
The battery can be recharged with any replacement or original power supply.
Please note the right power supply, order two items and pay shipping costs only once!
From 1.1.2013 writes the aviation authority IATA, acc. Determination ago, the unaudited Li-Ion batteries are excluded from transportation in aircraft. However, the manufacturer shall ensure that his replacement battery according to the safety test. Altitude Simulation (Primary and Secondary Cells and Batteries), Thermal Test (Primary and Secondary Cells and Batteries),Vibration (Primary and Secondary Cells and Batteries), Shock (Primary and Secondary Cells and Batteries), External Short Circuit (Primary and Secondary Cells and Batteries), Impact (Primary and Secondary Cells), Overcharge (Secondary Batteries), Forced Discharge (Primary and Secondary Cells).
Technical Data
Battery type: Li-ion
Capacity: 5200mAh
Cell Type: BAK 2200mAh
Colour: Black
Dimensions: 206.6 x 47.1 x 20.1 mm
Model Number: PA3788U-1BRS
Number of Cells: 6
Product ID: 3021
Replacement Brand: TOSHIBA
Voltage: 10.80V
Watts: 56
Weight: 390g
Part Numbers
Fit Model
B450/B B451/D B451/E
B452/F B551/E B552/F
B650/B B651 Dynabook B450/B
Dynabook B451/D Dynabook B451/E Dynabook B452/F
Dynabook B551/E Dynabook B552/F Dynabook B650/B
Dynabook B651 Dynabook K40 Dynabook K40 213Y/HD
Dynabook K40 213Y/HDX Dynabook K40 226Y/HD Dynabook K40 226Y/HDX
Dynabook K41 Dynabook K41 240Y/HD Dynabook K41 240Y/HDX
Dynabook K41 266Y/HD Dynabook K41 266Y/HDX Dynabook K45
Dynabook K45 240E/HD Dynabook K45 240E/HDX Dynabook K45 266E/HD
Dynabook K45 266E/HDX Dynabook K46 Dynabook K46 240E/HD
Dynabook K46 240E/HDX Dynabook K46 266E/HD Dynabook K46 266E/HDX
Dynabook L35 Dynabook L35 220C/HD Dynabook L40
Dynabook L40 213Y/HD Dynabook L40 226Y/HD Dynabook L41
Dynabook L41 240Y/HD Dynabook L41 266Y/HD Dynabook L45
Dynabook L45 240E/HD Dynabook L45 240E/HDX Dynabook L45 266E/HD
Dynabook L45 266E/HDX Dynabook L46 Dynabook L46 240E/HD
Dynabook L46 266E/HD Dynabook PB450CJAB75A31 Dynabook PB551CABN75A51
Dynabook PB551CAPN75A51 Dynabook PB551CBBN75A51 Dynabook PB551CBPN75A51
Dynabook PB551CEBN75A51 Dynabook PB551CFBN75A51 Dynabook PB651CABNKEA51
Dynabook PB651CAPNKEA51 Dynabook PB651CBBNKEA51 Dynabook PB651CBPNKEA51
Dynabook PXW/57LW Dynabook PXW59LW Dynabook Satellite B450/B
Dynabook Satellite B451/D Dynabook Satellite B451/E Dynabook Satellite B452/F
Dynabook Satellite B551/E Dynabook Satellite B552/F Dynabook Satellite B650/B
Dynabook Satellite B651 Dynabook Satellite K40 Dynabook Satellite K40 213Y/HD
Dynabook Satellite K40 213Y/HDX Dynabook Satellite K40 226Y/HD Dynabook Satellite K40 226Y/HDX
Dynabook Satellite K41 Dynabook Satellite K41 240Y/HD Dynabook Satellite K41 240Y/HDX
Dynabook Satellite K41 266Y/HD Dynabook Satellite K41 266Y/HDX Dynabook Satellite K45
Dynabook Satellite K45 240E/HD Dynabook Satellite K45 240E/HDX Dynabook Satellite K45 266E/HD
Dynabook Satellite K45 266E/HDX Dynabook Satellite K46 Dynabook Satellite K46 240E/HD
Dynabook Satellite K46 240E/HDX Dynabook Satellite K46 266E/HD Dynabook Satellite K46 266E/HDX
Dynabook Satellite L35 Dynabook Satellite L35 220C/HD Dynabook Satellite L40
Dynabook Satellite L40 213Y/HD Dynabook Satellite L40 226Y/HD Dynabook Satellite L41
Dynabook Satellite L41 240Y/HD Dynabook Satellite L41 266Y/HD Dynabook Satellite L45
Dynabook Satellite L45 240E/HD Dynabook Satellite L45 240E/HDX Dynabook Satellite L45 266E/HD
Dynabook Satellite L45 266E/HDX Dynabook Satellite L46 Dynabook Satellite L46 240E/HD
Dynabook Satellite L46 266E/HD Dynabook Satellite PB450CJAB75A31 Dynabook Satellite PB551CABN75A51
Dynabook Satellite PB551CAPN75A51 Dynabook Satellite PB551CBBN75A51 Dynabook Satellite PB551CBPN75A51
Dynabook Satellite PB551CEBN75A51 Dynabook Satellite PB551CFBN75A51 Dynabook Satellite PB651CABNKEA51
Dynabook Satellite PB651CAPNKEA51 Dynabook Satellite PB651CBBNKEA51 Dynabook Satellite PB651CBPNKEA51
Dynabook Satellite PXW/57LW Dynabook Satellite PXW59LW K40
K40 213Y/HD K40 213Y/HDX K40 226Y/HD
K40 226Y/HDX K41 K41 240Y/HD
K41 240Y/HDX K41 266Y/HD K41 266Y/HDX
K45 K45 240E/HD K45 240E/HDX
K45 266E/HD K45 266E/HDX K46
K46 240E/HD K46 240E/HDX K46 266E/HD
K46 266E/HDX L35 L35 220C/HD
L40 L40 213Y/HD L40 226Y/HD
L41 L41 240Y/HD L41 266Y/HD
L45 L45 240E/HD L45 240E/HDX
L45 266E/HD L45 266E/HDX L46
L46 240E/HD L46 266E/HD PB450CJAB75A31
PB551CABN75A51 PB551CAPN75A51 PB551CBBN75A51
PB551CBPN75A51 PB551CEBN75A51 PB551CFBN75A51
PB651CBPNKEA51 Pro S500-00M Pro S500-10E
Pro S500-11C Pro S500-11E Pro S500-11T
Pro S500-12V Pro S500-130 Pro S500-131
Pro S500-138 Pro S500-139 Pro S500-140
Pro S500-141 Pro S500-147 Pro S500-14Z
Pro S500-156 Pro S500-158 Pro S500-159
Pro S500-15C Pro S500-15E Pro S500-15K
Pro S500-15W Pro S750 PXW/57LW
PXW59LW Satellite Pro S500-00M Satellite Pro S500-10E
Satellite Pro S500-11C Satellite Pro S500-11E Satellite Pro S500-11T
Satellite Pro S500-12V Satellite Pro S500-130 Satellite Pro S500-131
Satellite Pro S500-138 Satellite Pro S500-139 Satellite Pro S500-140
Satellite Pro S500-141 Satellite Pro S500-147 Satellite Pro S500-14Z
Satellite Pro S500-156 Satellite Pro S500-158 Satellite Pro S500-159
Satellite Pro S500-15C Satellite Pro S500-15E Satellite Pro S500-15K
Satellite Pro S500-15W Satellite Pro S750 Tecra A11-001
Tecra A11-00N Tecra A11-00P Tecra A11-00Q
Tecra A11-07G Tecra A11-07H Tecra A11-07J
Tecra A11-103 Tecra A11-105 Tecra A11-113
Tecra A11-114 Tecra A11-11E Tecra A11-11H
Tecra A11-11L Tecra A11-11N Tecra A11-11Q
Tecra A11-125 Tecra A11-126 Tecra A11-127
Tecra A11-128 Tecra A11-12F Tecra A11-12P
Tecra A11-12Q Tecra A11-12W Tecra A11-14J
Tecra A11-14K Tecra A11-14L Tecra A11-152
Tecra A11-153 Tecra A11-15P Tecra A11-16R
Tecra A11-16V Tecra A11-16W Tecra A11-16X
Tecra A11-16Z Tecra A11-17G Tecra A11-17H
Tecra A11-17M Tecra A11-17N Tecra A11-182
Tecra A11-186 Tecra A11-18N Tecra A11-196
Tecra A11-197 Tecra A11-19E Tecra A11-19L
Tecra A11-19M Tecra A11-19N Tecra A11-19P
Tecra A11-1D1 Tecra A11-1D4 Tecra A11-1E5
Tecra A11-1EE Tecra A11-1EG Tecra A11-1EH
Tecra A11-1ET Tecra A11-1EV Tecra A11-1EW
Tecra A11-1FW Tecra A11-1HZ Tecra A11-1JL
Tecra A11-1JW Tecra A11-1JZ Tecra A11-EV1
Tecra A11-S3510 Tecra A11-S3511 Tecra A11-S3512
Tecra A11-S3520 Tecra A11-S3521 Tecra A11-S3522
Tecra A11-S3530 Tecra A11-S3531 Tecra A11-S3532
Tecra A11-S3540 Tecra A11-S3541 Tecra A11-ST3500
Tecra A11-ST3501 Tecra A11-ST3502 Tecra A11-ST3503
Tecra A11-ST3504 Tecra A11-W3540 Tecra M11-003
Tecra M11-01J Tecra M11-01K Tecra M11-01L
Tecra M11-01P Tecra M11-035 Tecra M11-036
Tecra M11-037 Tecra M11-047 Tecra M11-049
Tecra M11-04K Tecra M11-104 Tecra M11-107
Tecra M11-119 Tecra M11-11J Tecra M11-11K
Tecra M11-11L Tecra M11-11M Tecra M11-120
Tecra M11-121 Tecra M11-12P Tecra M11-130
Tecra M11-132 Tecra M11-135 Tecra M11-148
Tecra M11-14J Tecra M11-14L Tecra M11-15M
Tecra M11-15U Tecra M11-15W Tecra M11-15X
Tecra M11-16R Tecra M11-174 Tecra M11-17M
Tecra M11-17U Tecra M11-17V Tecra M11-17W
Tecra M11-17Z Tecra M11-Oracle Tecra M11-S3410
Tecra M11-S3411 Tecra M11-S3412 Tecra M11-S3420
Tecra M11-S3421 Tecra M11-S3422 Tecra M11-S3430
Tecra M11-S3440 Tecra M11-S3450 Tecra M11-ST3501
Tecra M11-ST3502 Tecra M11-ST3504 Tecra M11-ST3510
Tecra M11-W3421 Tecra S11-00Y Tecra S11-010
Tecra S11-011 Tecra S11-013 Tecra S11-014
Tecra S11-0CN Tecra S11-0CP Tecra S11-0CQ
Tecra S11-0CR Tecra S11-0CS Tecra S11-104
Tecra S11-113 Tecra S11-114 Tecra S11-11G
Tecra S11-11H Tecra S11-11P Tecra S11-124
Tecra S11-13M Tecra S11-14U Tecra S11-15G
Tecra S11-15H Tecra S11-166 Tecra S11-16P
Tecra S11-173
Battery TOSHIBA PA3788U-1BRS - Satellite Pro S750 K40 K45 Tecra A11 5200mAh
TOSHIBA PA3788U-1BRS -  Satellite Pro S750 K40 K45 Tecra A11 5200mAh

8 Reasons to purchase this TOSHIBA-PA3788U-1BRS - Satellite B650/B , K40,L40 Li-ion replacement Battery:

  • It is safe and pass certification.
  • Made of SONY, Samsung, BAK, and Moni battery cells.
  • Never refubished battery.
  • Protection circuit board.
  • Good Package.
  • Fast delivery(One day after payment).
  • High quality at at good price.
Zaapii, Switzerland. .