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Bluetooth Mesh LED Controller IP 68 RGBW 6V-24V / 3 x 3A + 5A

Bluetooth Mesh LED Controller IP 68 RGBW 6V-24V / 3 x 3A + 5A
Product ID 4378
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Normally you can only connect Bluetooth devices over a range of up to 100 metres outdoors – much less indoors, if there are walls in the way. With a bluetooth mesh network, each device you add can extend this range.
With this technology, user can connect to multiple LED controllers simultaneously, the controllers can be grouped and set different color or modes in different groups. The controllers will expand the mesh connection by themselves and users only need to reach connection to one device in the group, so all other devices will be addressed.
The user need to install the App "Light Mesh" in Google's Play Market for Android or in the Apple App Store. With this you can controll the diffrent modes and settings. The Controller has a memory funtion if the power is off, including on/off status.
With scene program. With this feature, you can set multiple timer and schedules on the app, the controller will play specified color or dynamic mode on a specified time (for detailed operation, please refer to app operation guide).
With this controller you can control the color special RGB+W or RGB+WW strips. This color control allows you to generate through that mix of different colors RGB, warm white or white and pastel shades, thus expanding the possible color choices.
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Please note the PDF for details regarding the technical data.
Technical Data Controller
Ampers : 3 x 3A + 5A
Bluetooth : V4.0 &Mesh
Cord length : 100mm
Dimensions : 86 x 21 x 8.5mm
Dimmable : YES
Dynamic modes : 42 modes
Input Voltage : 6~24V
IP : 68
Product ID : 4378
Remote distance : 15m
Working temperature : -35°C~+45°C
Package Includes
LED controller
Bluetooth Mesh LED Controller IP 68 RGBW 6V-24V / 3 x 3A + 5A
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